Adventure Cross

Everyone likes an Adventure, Don’t we?


Lost Trails

Nothing better than hopping on the cross bike and getting lost for a few hours, Finding new paths, new trails, new puddles of mud to splash through.

There is no Strava segments to chase, no PBs to think about, no racing to next street sign. It’s all about how we started cycling, Being on the bike out to forget about daily life and thumb tapping on our phones.

Well, that’s what I got into cycling for, well maybe it was a cycle to work scheme and forking out cash for a stuffy bus ride to work that made me fall in love with cycling.

I do love the competitive edge of Crit racing, the tight bunch, fast corners, short punchy climbs. An hour of fast hectic laps that anything could happen and does happen.

The flip side of the chaos would be what I would call Adventure Cross, getting up at first light hoping on the bike with a rough idea where you’re headed, but it’s not nailed in 100%. You can’t call it a relaxed adventure as there would be quite a lot of uphill sections, particularly some Hike-A-Bike going on, is this the bad side to adventure cross? “what goes up must come down” as someone once said a long time ago.

nexus phone 442

Getting some Elevation

There is nothing quite like blasting through some single track, maybe giving out the odd WHOOP of joy as you speed and splash through some muck and trails, flashing past the other mad biker you see struggling up the incline to find their WHOOPING voice on their own adventure. Or it could be the path off the road that takes you somewhere you haven’t been before, into the unknown, what’s the worst that could happen? You have to turn around and come back, at least you know that next time find somewhere else to get your Adventure Fix.

The good thing today is YouTube, yup with the camera on the bike you can now rerun the trails and even show the non-cyclists what you got up to on the morning before work.

Here is an effort of my Adventures, hopefully, more to come.

Well, that’s about all for my first post, hope you like it, Now grab that bike and reveal your Adventurous side of cycling.


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