Whats the best time????


time is in your hands

Best time to Train, Race, and Commute.

For me the commute part is pretty much the same, early shift 5 am and late shift 10.30 pm.

With that comes a good side and bad.

Good: Get to work I am awake and ready to tackle another day. Once I ditch the soggy socks and brush the fly’s from my teeth.

Bad: Get home from work and fully awake so stick on the box and watch some crap TV I have recorded, then no hope for that long lie as kids up for school at 7 am.

The best part of these times would be a lack of traffic, I have had the odd cycle with rush hour traffic and the mad dash that most people start around 3 pm for the school run. It would seem this time gets worse the closer to 4 pm, must be the race home to get rid of the very same kids they drove like Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button 10 minutes earlier to pick up, strange world of the school run.

Time to Train

need to crop (2)

Which are you???

Early bird

Afternoon Seagull

Evening Crow

For me I would come under the early bird, I weirdly love getting up early, even though it is a bit of a drag out of the warmth of the bed in the depths of winter.

images early bird

My reason would be to get a few good hours of cycling in while the roads are quiet, then home in time for breakfast and have the rest of the day to look after family and enjoy our time, or get dragged around the IKEA for a few hours, then a quick spin around cycling shop, there would no such thing as buying or even touching going on, it’s just a front to keep me from moaning about shopping trip from HELL!

I wouldn’t like to cycle in the afternoon even if I could manage it, too many nutters out on the road at that time as I have explained above, apart from midweek mayhem, you have the weekend warriors all heading out for the day, trying to beat the rush to the seaside or to the closest car-parking spot at the gym. That is just my opinion from my experience.

Evening cycling I wish I could do more of as I think this time is where I would be more pushed, it’s where most of the clubs meet and chain gangs form.chaingang

I would love to get out and join a club or even a chain gang once a week. I think this is a great way to boost your training. Getting to push yourself with other people is only going to benefit your speed and endurance.

As I am a lone wolf when it comes to getting out on the bike you don’t have that competitive edge to drive you along the flat or win that hill climb, the hills can be eased off if legs are burning, you can’t even muster the breath to tell them to “SHUT UP” so you sit down and slog up that hill, where in a group ride you are motivated not to be the one to get dropped.

So getting into a group of your ability is great, but make sure you join the right group, no point in going out and destroying the cat 4’s when you are a cat 1 rider. That’s going to make you look like the biggest tool in the box, plus you’re missing out on your training.

The Future

crow manI aim to become the Crow, the main thing would be to gain experience of riding in a group format. The second but most beneficial would be that I have stated, getting better training done.

I am sure there is more to being in a club than these two examples. There are some downfalls to the club membership, I will mention one. It is club kit! There is some rotten club kit out there so that puts me off my local club that meets at my front door, I would happy travel to get a better kit.

Am I shallow?

Got to be proud of the club colors I think, not cringe every time you pull on the Jersey.

Until the day my shifts change or kids grow up and be independent I think I will be the early morning rider, nothing wrong with that. I just have to remember if I am out to train then I have to put the effort in rather than look at my bike and my riding position on all the shop windows I cruise by.

Well, that’s all I have about this, my Time, sorry for taking up  your Time on my thoughts on Time.

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