Who said that!?


There are a trillion sayings out there that have become part of cycling culture. I have picked a few that I like and will offer my opinion on them. I don’t know if many people use them as tools for training or just put them out there into cycling chat to sound like they are the Yoda of the Cycling Club.


This one I truly believe in and have quoted loads. We all have the local circuit, we get permission from our loved ones to have a quick ride as the weather is perfect or most of the time in Glasgow the rain has stopped for an hour. So grab the bike and head out for a nice easy ride. Wrong! You blast those straights and zip up those hills, then your home with 50 mins stopped on your sweat covered Garmin. So much for that easy ride, you have just shaved 10 seconds off you PB for your faithful old route, It’s human nature we just want to go faster!

I like to see the former racers pass on their words of wisdom to us amateur racers and leisure cyclists. Best of all would be that people make some great artwork out of these comments to adorn your pain cave for when you’re too scared that the rain/snow will get your bike dirty.

Think this comment from Jens Voigt will probably be the most seen, heard and my often used when cycling, I know that I have used it once or twice but to no effect, my legs just shout “shut up Bryan were stopping”. I think I will make a poster with my legs telling me to shut it!

wpid-wp-1437923091880.jpgFausto Coppi

Giving his take on words of wisdom

Gorilla one is a bit mental. If I was wrestling a bloody Gorilla, I wouldn’t be waiting until the Gorilla got tired. I would be wondering where the hell my bike was, so I could quickly peddle away from this mad beast. Why was that animal in the Cat 4 race? Surely UCI has rules against this.

His other words “Cycling is Suffering”


Would ring true with quite a few of us, I am sure everyone who has ever swung their leg over the bar of the bike will have probably come across, the BONK or as that runner folk call the WALL. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the nasty feeling of putting yourself through hell with zero energy left in the body. The suffering continues until two things happen, first fuel for the body, this could be absolutely anything the sweeter/sugary the better. Second would be to drag your beaten bones, shattered muscles home and have someone feed you sugar/sweet stuff. While a nice warm bath has been run, don’t be mental and have an Ice bath, I would rather have the D.O.M.S the next day than dip my skinny body into a bathtub of melted ice cubes.

There are some weird, wonderful and woeful quotes out there.
cycling quatewpid-wp-1437922135449.jpgwpid-wp-1437923052882.jpg

I mean come on, Racing is like licking your opponent’s plate clean??? Really who can relate to this one? Only Hennie Kuiper?

As long as I breathe I attack, yep I understand this one. Fight to the last breath and all that, well done Bernard Hinault.

Then there is Jens Voigt with his lost in translation quote I think.

Others have gone down the simple route of quotations, more the modern-day philosophy I think, Sir Bradly Wiggins with this gritty Yellow Jersey winning one.



Love him or hate him but even Lance Armstrong  has got a Quote out there. Yeah, Pain is temporary but the Quitting lasts forever? Hmm not sure think I would take that Quitting part and say it would last until your next race and learn from it so “Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts until your next race


Eddy Merckx has some good ones. One we should all take on board is the message in this image. I will try but think I will fail to stick to it, as we all love upgrades! Nice shiny new bits of your bike or you might be super lucky and get a new bike, at double the cost you told your accountant (other half). Riding up grades kinda sucks, all you do is shout “shut up legs” all the way to the top anyway. Then blame the lack of upgrades on your bike as you really need that 11-32 cassette on the back instead of the 28 you just bought from Wiggle, you would have killed those hills had it been on. I blame my bike at this point where I should really look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I need to do these up grades. Big hard 10% – 15% grades, nothing above that for just now.

Out of all the quotes on the internet searches I have done, I think this has to be my most inspiring one I came across.

Juan Jose Mendezwpid-wp-1437922110908.jpg.

What an absolute idol, with a short but sweet saying. This one will stick with me forever. All those times I am feeling sorry for myself at suffering for an hour Crit race or that the 40 min cross race has nearly killed me. I must remember this image and think ‘Bryan get a grip and get moving’. As there are people out there proving the world wrong and pushing the boundary’s in life, then take the sport to the next level. So this is my motivational piece.

If I have missed out any sayings that inspire you to win your races or gets you out training harder then I am sorry, feel free to send them or tell me them in the comment section below.


For now, I am going to do what Mr Merckx has said, I am going out for a ride.

For a long ride or for a short ride?

Who knows, I will just ride.


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