Team Two Wheel Army


Two Wheel Army, Rise of the Pedal Soldiers

I think I have lost the plot!

With the blog taking over my nightly TV viewing I have become obsessed with the making of Team Two Wheel Army.

Not to the great delight to my long-suffering partner Victoria.

I have been doing a lot of looking into how to get things in place to become a team of One.

The biggest reason in thinking about Team Two Wheel Army, Is to help with promotion of the blog, The other reason would be, I am getting fed up with the unattached rider category on race sign up day (the little loner),I want to fill in that blank.
With this in mind, I have decided, Me, Myself and I will become a team.

As I wrote in previous post TIME that becoming a group member would be good, I just can’t commit to certain days and times to get out on the bike.

So by creating Two Wheel Army I can become General Hutton.


If Scottish Cycling approves the kit then that will be the next on the list to get signed off.wpid-wp-1445096456477.jpg


Images of the would be the kit have been designed by
I was hopelessly lost in all this as I have never even thought about creating a team kit.

The folks at Kalas have been great with their help, a few emails back and forth we have now both settled on the kit design and right colour.

My idea of a club might be weird, I have the idea of that it will be informal, maybe with the odd fortnightly meet up and monthly coffee ride, the main reason would be if anyone wanted to join it would be to fill in the blank of the club segment when applying for races.

I am sure there are a few lone wolfs out there, looking for a club to welcome them in, or like me just want to fill that blank on race day, maybe even team up on some races, work as a team to get some wins on the go!
Not sure how this will work but it’s what I have a vision of. We will see how the future pans out.

I might be a one man Two Wheel Army, Or a thousand strong!


Club Lounge Always Open

How knows how the future will pan out, I will just take the club side of things one day at a time, I would be happy if it was only me, but the saloon doors will always be wide open if anyone wants to wander through.

Keep your eyes on the look out for my stickers I have made up being posted about. I managed to knock up a Logo myself using a phone app, amazing what copy and paste can do.

So with this done, I have had ideas of Cycling caps, t-shirts and caps etc.
First things first are to get paperwork done with Scottish Cycling and then I can progress with the kit.

Hopefully have this all ironed out and fingers cross for September/ October and I will be racing as Team Two Wheel Army.

See you on the start line folks.



Also a little footnote, If anyone wants to get their blog on! become a guest blogger, get in touch, we can get your post up soon.


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