Treasure Hunt.

 Hunt for Twowheelarmy.


I have seen this done in America,

They leave a Biden or shirt along with gels and other cycling Goodies, they leave clues to where to find the “bag of swag” on Instagram.

Pictures of an iconic climb in the area or some other popular Cycling route, maybe 3 or 4 posts are put up along with a small description.


So all that needs to be done is get on your bike and use your knowledge of the local area and beat the other Cyclists to claim your hard-earned rewards. No fighting if there is a bunch out on the hunt. Prizes are not that amazing, well yet!


Along with the bag/bottle of treats, they leave a small token. With this token, it is to be used like a relay baton.

The lucky person who finds the token will then make up a small prize and add the token to prize fund. They then post on Instagram using the correct hashtag, they will take it out on their next ride and leave swag at their favorite spot for a cycle.


This continues and hopefully all involved will be able to track the distance/rides that this little token takes.

Also gives you some more followers to the Instagram timeline to look at your weird and wonderful pictures.

You never know might bring a few more cycling friends to chat to if out on the same patch of road, who you would normally give the old nod of the head too.

Hope this is made clear?

You go for a cycle following clues posted on Instagram, once you have found your prize take it home and show the family you’re a winner.
Then plan a small treat, could be just a gel or energy bar. Along with the token.                   Leave a little note about the Instagram hashtag, how to pass the token on.
Sit back and follow the adventure.

Instagram.jpg best

Follow me and the hunt on /

The posts will be up soon, I need to get out on the bike first. I shall do this on my next big ride, maybe on a Saturday morning so people can have a try on Sunday! It might be there for a while if no one reads these blogs but the Views per month are good so I think there might be someone out there.

Prize will be fully waterproof and whatever is inside will not decompose or give off a nasty smell when opened (promise). Good thing if no one claims these is I will at least have some secret larders about Glasgow and the West, (feel like a squirrel now) no more bonking for me.

HashTag will be #hunt4twowheelarmy


Keep your eyes open on Instagram,

Let’s get this little thing going, see how far it goes. I willkeep-your-eyes-open-vector-illustration-ideal-printing-apparel-clothes-31302930 maybe do one a month see how it gets on.

Now enjoy your bikes!

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