Night Ninja’s

Morning Commute is Dark, Night Commute is Dark. Be safe people!

Yip its that time to strap the lights on the bike, even extra one on your bag or helmet. I have recently purchased lights from cheap cyclists friend Aldi. At £7 each for USB rechargeable front and rear lights.
Wasn’t expecting much but they actually pump out a great bit of light, giving me confidence on the road and that I shall be seen from a distance by road users.
Especially in the coming months when motorists are heading to/from work peeping out the partly frozen windscreen, like portholes on a boat.


This brings me onto the Night Ninja’s.
We must have all encountered them, they’re dressed in dark colors, possibly jeans or jogging bottoms depending on the city’s area. Cycling about with zero lights and their cloak of invisibility on. Bumping up curbs dodging the red lights, back onto the road dodging the dog walkers and people shuffling home. Maybe with a bag of shopping slung over the handlebars, in their night time trance thinking about tea and toast, who got voted off the X Factor in the back of their mind. Not a care about any other road user, they are indestructible.
Come on people of the Ninja clans. At least stick a couple of lights on your bike, help the motorists stop moaning about high visibility clothing, lights and even registration plates for bikes being on the road.
More importantly, help yourself from becoming part of more and more road traffic accidents between motorists and cyclists.bikeVscar

High Visibility clothing is good, but there are new products out there. Super reflective jackets like Proviz 360 and similar products.proviz jacket

I think that these jackets with their magic are the best bet along with a good set of lights should keep you from rolling around the road with some driver looking over you saying they “didn’t see you”.
I like the Silver/Gray color of the jacket in the daytime, doesn’t make you look too much of a tool in Dayglow Yellow. Once beams of light hit them they complete the magic show and turn super white reflective color.

It costs a lot to be a cyclist, I am sure if you had fewer trips along to fast food outlets that month this could help pay for your new lights. The jacket, on the other hand, is a little bit more expensive. Volvo have come up with cans of magic that can help.

LIFEPAINT Volvo_LifePaintSlideshowembargoFriday15

The main problem I see with this would be, you could look a bit stupid if you don’t apply it correctly. Or someone at work pranks you and draws some Male Body Parts onto your back.

Looks A Bit Wrong

Looks A Bit Wrong

I will stop my little rant on the Night Ninja’s and go back to spraying messages on people’s jackets at work. I love this idea ha-ha.


It’s a Dark world out there, let’s add some light.

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