Crash, Bang, Broken Update!

Return Of The Bike.

After a few weeks since my bike got taken away in a white van (part of me was thinking that it might end up on eBay or a Facebook sales page) an email popped up in my inbox saying that my bike is whole again and ready to be dropped off.

After my crash, (Crash, Bang Broken) I appealed on Facebook for help.  I soon got a Facebook message pointing me towards Magnafiber in Alloa.


I couldn’t have asked for a better service!  Bike got picked up from the house, then stripped of all components.  The frame was then ready for carbon replacement treatment (or something like that).  Once all the sorcery was complete and after a few coats of clear coat, the bike was then built back together.  A couple of new cables needed replacing for the brakes and rear mech then my bike was dropped off at the door again, good as new.

Totally hassle free for me, not being the best mechanically I was beginning to panic about stripping the bike down to save me some cost on the repair bill.  So for this service to be included it was a massive plus point.  A small transportation fee was added onto the bill, again a much better option than me having to wrap and box the frame then hope that some courier wouldn’t lob it about in the back of their van whilst in transport to and from the repair center.


Huge thanks to Andy at Magnafiber, for he actually came back with a revised price which was a lot cheaper than his original quote. Bonus!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his company for any repairs needing to be done.  He says his workshop is busy right now, good for him but not good for all us bike riders crashing.  If you are lucky enough to have insurance and they pay out, enjoy the new bike but this could be a good option to have a spare/winter bike once repaired.  Or if like me, panicking your bike is destined for the skip. Your bike can be saved and get back out training or racing again.

Next up is some Adventure Cross with Ayr Burners.


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