To Fix or not to Fix?

A new bike has been added to the Two Wheel Army stable. (N+1)

I have been itching to get a new bike for ages, but what to get?  Well, a little bit of bartering on Facebook I have now become a proud owner of a Fixie.

I like the idea of a Fixie/Singlespeed for blasting up and down to work.  The idea of not having to clean the gears with the edge of a towel after every ride is appealing.  Also, the lack of things to break is another plus point.

The thing I now have is what the funk does one wear!

fixie hipster poser

Road bike = Lycra

Cross Bike = Can get away with Lycra.

Fixie = Lycra? not so sure, do I have to go hipster and ride in my Cycling cap, T-shirts and Jeans with one leg rolled up, not to mention my arse hanging out. (not stereotyping at all) Or will I hide cycling shorts under baggy shorts and slap a T-shirt on.

Bryan the Bike Builder.

The other thing about this bike is I can treat it as a little build.  Nothing too technical, so can’t mess up too many things.  I have replaced the old road bars with a set of bull bars, front brake has been placed on the middle of the bars replacing the two hood breaks.  A new set of Mango wheels with orange 40mm rims, giving the bike a bit of color.  Last of all was to take off the old rusty crankset and replaced with a 48 tooth Espresso set. Bringing my love of bikes and coffee together at last.

Still not 100% on my gear ratios, 48 will stay up front as it is cheaper to replace the rear cogs I have noticed.  Running a 16 at the back, a few folk have commented on this saying it might be tough on the inclines.  Might be best with maybe an 18-19 to help conquer the hills.  I am also swaying towards the singlespeed rather than having a fixed gear.  The rear hub is a flip flop so I can run both cogs and swap every now and then, see what suits my riding style and stick with what I enjoy the best.


I have enjoyed this little build.  Gathering parts together, doing some simple mechanics and turning the bike into something I am quite proud to ride.  Just waiting on a brown leather saddle to pull it all together and finish the build off.

Now it is time to hit the road and see how it fares, see how my legs and lungs react to not having an option to jump gears when the going goes upwards. 11939617_903565083064986_1269459393_n



  1. Be brave and go for full fixed and a big gear. It’ll be the making of your legs. You can probably already make it up those hills you’re worried about, you just don’t know it yet, it’ll change your perception of what is actually possible. Make sure you’re riding clipless pedals though, you’ll need to pull. Oh and you might be nearly sick on some hills for the first few weeks but you’ll get past that.


    1. Thanks, had my first outing today. Was surprised with the hills, just have to build up speed before and attack the hills I found. Think I will give the fixed gear a go, like the idea of assisted breaking.

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