The Gym!

Why, Oh Why!

Lately, a little thing cropped into my mind. Running on a treadmill looking out at the grass and trees for 30 sweaty minutes, Why?

I work in a large Sports Campus, we have most sports catered for.  Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Football, Rugby etc. The one thing that I find rather confusing is that people still hit the gym to “train.”

Train what exactly? Most of the gym users are there to make them feel better about eating that Chinese for breakfast or the extra few beers they will consume on their Saturday night dance off.  So Mr Muscle Vest, you are at the gym having a workout and posting on Facebook in between your sets of 5!  Not training. (in my opinion training you should have a structured plan aiming to hit a set target or competition.)


I understand all the other sports why you have to come to a Sports Centre to partake in the chosen activity.  You need to have a court or pitch and the case for swimming, our Scottish water is far too cold for much of the year for open water swimming.  So you have to come down and buy your way in.  But to come down pay in to use a hot enclosed area, running on the spot, until exhaustion. All the while you have been looking at the open sky and green space.  It’s a mystery to me!  Especial as my work has an outdoor athletics track along with a very nice park just across the road.

Along with the treadmills, there are some nice bikes on offer.  Yup, they are looking out the window too!  But if you don’t fancy looking out at the great outdoors then why not pop on the tv and watch some Homes Under  The Hammer! (WTF)

We do supply some Watt Bikes,  I am sure they don’t get used to their full potential. As even I don’t understand all my training zones after three lots of VO2 max testing. So how would Joe Public understand that he should be riding in their sweet spot!

I think what I am trying to say in this rant is, GET OUTSIDE! IT’S FREE.

Save yourself some cash and run the park, or don’t save money and buy a bike.

I am most certain that if you buy a bike you will be out for the same amount of time as it takes you to drive to and from the gym and complete your workout, but you will have had a better workout and probably burn more of the beer and burger biofuel, while enjoying the sights around you.

So kick the gym door open and go get some FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!

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  1. I fully agree with your viewpoint. I am myself of the opinion that it is best to be one with nature while you work out. Jogging or doing stretch-outs in the park, listening to the sound of morning birds, is much much better and useful than be confined in a closed room, running on a treadmill listening to music from the headphones. Though I’m not much of an outdoorsy person myself, I prefer working out without going to the gym.


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