Happy HalloX

Cross has been a struggle.

With me having a slow start to the training regime, my results have been terrible in the few early cross races. I feel that It’s a game of catch up with everyone now, but my main goal is just to be able to last the hour of racing.

When I saw HalloX on the calendar it was something I really wanted to be part of. Main reason was it would be taking part at night. A totally new experience for me to race in the dark. Then fancy dress costumes were to be the attire for the night. I thought of aero gains and went for a Morph Suit.


Get signed on, get my bike and I sorted out my lights. I have a head torch for lighting up my line of sight and main flood light on bars to guide me through the course. Leaving the car park you get glimpses of riders on the course, lines of little lights in the distance. Music is pumping and flood lights are showing off some remarkable costumes.

Meet up with Kevin Pugh and we take ET for a spin around the course, wonder if they two will fly over the barriers later. It’s a bit mental trying to figure out who you are talking to.

A. Due to the dark and being blinded by their head torch.

B. Can’t recognise them due to their costume.


We are all like moths, follow the light in front of us along to the start line. All the miserable bastards that didn’t dress up are weeded out and moved to the back. Everyone is eyeing the person in front to see if the made the effort or if they could be part of the cull going on. I’m next to a BMX rider with ET in his basket and behind a Bee and a Sheep. We’re good.

Lights are on full, Garmen is set, Just waiting on the siren to mark the start of the evening’s race. RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaahhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRR (something like that) We are off, and what a sight it must be to the spectators. It’s mental!  I keep up with the Bee and Sheep, lose ET at first bend then get passed by some zombies and other creatures. I struggle to get past some inflatable wings at the single track on the first wood section. The woods had a hidden surprise, the kids were here hiding and jumping up screaming scaring the riders that got too close.


 There was a last minute change to the course layout with the discovery of a badger sett in the woods. Well done to the organisers for rerouting the course and keeping a good flow to the course.

There would be three main talking points on the course. First is the first set of barriers, they were pretty high. Glad I have long limbs and could still take them at a decent speed. Next was the zig zags just after the finishing lap, some uphill and downhill ramps then the double barriers onto a small run up.

This took you along to another super technical area. Tight bend taking you onto a short off camber section, cut back on yourself at the bottom then came Carnage corner. Uphill left-hand bend that then spat you out onto a long off camber section. This was the hardest part of the course due to the morning and afternoon rain making it soft and slippy. This part of the course was taking riders out for fun. The pressure was on to ride it as the crowd had gathered here and  the atmosphere was great if you made it a cheer went up, but if you took a tumble the crowd went OOOOOH!

I managed to ride it a couple of time before the hill eventually fought back and took me out the race. I rode the corner and was on the high line, then front wheel slipped out and I went down like a sack of potatoes. My right-hand shifter took the brunt of the hit along with a good impact on my lid. I didn’t realise my race was over until I got up and ran to the next section and noticed shifter was in two parts and totally destroyed.

Ah baws, another repair bill. I now become a spectator at Carnage corner.

My first night ride and I loved it. The course at Nether Pollok was a belter, no super big hills to kill you, but the open grass areas were soft and sucked the wheels down and you had to use a fair amount of energy to power through. I loved the barriers and Carnage corner was always a good challenge on every lap.

Look forward to HalloX 2017 now.


Thanks to Jay Golian for letting his images be stolen and used in this post.

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