Season Three.

Scottish Cyclocross season has kicked off again.

Racing at Tweed Cross never kicked me into training mode. Now I am still overweight, out of fitness and out of time.


The first race of the Lapierre Scottish Cyclocross Series has come around. I knew I was going to be racing the clock and the course as I am in no shape to compete for midtable glory. I managed to struggle around and finish the race in 75th place. By completing I now have a number to beat at the next race.

The second race of the series was at Irvine beach. The big dipper and sand pits make it one of the most popular on the circuit. I couldn’t ride this year due to work so was gutted not get to dust my chain in talcum power this year, but might head down and ride it as a training ride at some point.

The next race for Two Wheel Army will be at Dunfermline. Fife College has been added to the race calendar for 2017/18 season. This race should see the return of Clare Campbell, her first race of the season. Clare has been looking forward to the arrival of Cross but with holidays to the sun and racing her Whippets, bike time has been limited.

A new recruit for Two Wheel Army shall be on the start line for his first ever bike race. Gary Dougan has been talked into saddling up on a cross bike. He comes from a background of MTB. He enjoys getting out and riding the twisting, technical trials of the Kilpatrick Hills and linking rides up into Mugdock Park.

He’s now invested in a cross bike and is instantly loving the versatility of rides on offer. Gary has only had a few training sessions of being clipped into peddles, but he is doing well, flying over hurdles and running the hills like a natural. Gary should do well in his first race, I definitely see him finishing ahead of me in the field, but that shouldn’t be a hard task.

He also brings much need mechanical skills to the Army, as he’s a fully trained bike mechanic, so a handy member for in the pits.

It’s good to see the team grow, now I have to get on the fitness train, so Gary doesn’t destroy me too much at races. I might step up to race the V40 when my birthday comes, then we will have a rider in three race categories, would be good one day to have all categories covered.

Season three should be interesting for the TWA.